Buying a Land Property in Turkey

Turkey’s favorite city has lately become a favorite location for those that would like to purchase land and not surprisingly, since the town has a great deal to offer: stunning Bosporus views, cheap rates, along with a variety to pick from as Istanbul will be the house of historic wooden homes in addition to new project flats.

Be sure the house is lawful

In Turkey, you will find enormous quantities of properties which have no name, no planning consent or are lawfully assembled. Back in Istanbul alone, you will find 600,000 prohibited homes. To get more info about a land property in Turkey, you can visit

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You will need Proper permissions

As a foreigner wanting to purchase in Turkey you want ‘military consent’. This normally entails checking for criminal records and making certain the property isn’t in a densely populated sensitive place.

Ensure you really own the house

There are a variety of varieties of a name in Turkey, a few of which provide you with just the best to occupy property instead of complete ownership. By way of instance, Cooperative developments may just give you possession of the concrete and stones where the building is assembled, without virtually any right to dwell in the house or another legal name.

A multitude of contracts

In Turkey, government, especially public government will become ‘paperwork hefty’. In real estate sales, you will find four Kinds of a contract which are required:

(1) A Reservation Deal, which requires the property out there for a brief time so that your attorneys can check out things. As there may be legal difficulties with the home, you aren’t under any obligation to purchase.

(2) An Offer to purchase and it will be an official written offer to get a property. It must, ideally, to be supplied by your own attorneys since it may legally bind you into an arrangement.

(3) A Preliminary/Promissory purchase contract that will be a legally binding contract to purchase the property.

(4) A proper contract of purchase, which entirely states you aim to buy the property.