Choosing The Best Flat Screen TV You’ll Ever Have!

Our television finally went to the big electronic resting place in the sky, and we were excited at the prospect of finally adding a flat screen TV to our home. That excitement quickly turned to an overwhelming confusion as we realized that buying a television set had become considerably more complicated than choosing between a color set and a black and white model. Yeah, it's been a while since we went shopping for a new set!

The good news is that we found plenty of great information about how to choose a flat screen TV on the Internet, so we could study up for our purchase from the comfort of our home. Before we knew it, we were throwing around terms like "high definition" and "LCD" as though we knew what we were talking about — because we actually did! The words sound really confusing and technical, but once you understand the basic differences in the various flat screen TV models available, it becomes much easier to shop for the set that will serve your needs best.

The first kind of flat screen TV that we considered were the ones with plasma displays, because they allow for the HDTV resolution that provides the clearest, cleanest picture by far. The screens on these units generally begin at around 42 inches and go up to more than 70 inches wide. These television models can range significantly in price, from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, and we realized that you really get what you pay for in this type of flat screen TV. This meant that we would be shelling out quite a bit of cash to get the picture that we were hoping for, but it also meant that we would be getting a very high quality television that would offer plenty of viewing enjoyment.

Another good choice was the LCD screens that can be large, but also includes models that are smaller than a plasma flat screen TV. These models come with the speakers and tuners built right into the unit, unlike the plasma counterparts that sometimes require you to purchase these features separately. The LCD is more like the traditional television sets that most of us grew up with, and are easier to view in brightly lit rooms than the plasma models. The price on the LCD units was a bit higher than the plasma, although that gap seems to be closing.

Since our new flat screen TV was going into a room that receives quite a bit of direct sunlight, we opted for an LCD model that would give us a great picture despite the excess light. We absolutely love our new set, and the time spent using it is certainly making it a good value for the money! Check out the differences between LCD and plasma televisions and find out which one will be best for you. For more help on choosing the right TV, visit Booth Scotland today.