Different Total Immersion Swimming Drills

Complete immersion swimming exercises are really critical for both experienced professionals and beginning swimmers.

They are capable of improving performance for each and every person that fought with the normal swimming teaching methods. Immersion will make it far easier for everyone and you’ll have the ability to conserve energy better. This is perfect in case you’re a distance swimmer or a triathlete.

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Before really talking about a few of the exercises, you want to know what immersion swimming exercises are. Immersion swimming is also called total immersion or TI. This is essentially a technique which will stress comfort and efficiency whilst in the water. It’s different than other standard swimming types because the primary focus is set on technique rather than on stroke rate.

TI swimming is focused on maintaining a compact and balanced body while in the water. There are immersion distinct swimming drills which you can perform and below you can find some of the hottest.

Sweet Spot Total Immersion Swimming Drills

Previously swimmers were instructed to keep the head above water so as to move faster. This is no longer true since keeping your head within the water will really aid you a good deal more while swimming. The sweet spot drill essentially aids you to locate a perfect balance while submerged.

You perform it by remaining on your back whilst gently kicking legs. The body has to rotate from side to side slowly while the mouth and face are stored out of the water. Your core needs to be used in order to correct neck and head position until the drill is done naturally.