Does Worldwide Brands Integrate With Shopify?

Shopify is one of the leading tools for building an e-commerce store, and Worldwide Brands is the leading directory of drop shippers and wholesalers and has been since it was founded in Florida in 1999.  But do these two market-leading tools integrate with one another?

What is Shopify?

Shopify is an e-commerce platform, and perhaps the most popular at the moment.  It is cheap to use and comes with a long (14 day) free trial, and best of all there are many apps that you can add on to it as well – some paid but many are free.

Shopify is so easy to use that you can have a shop fully set up within a few hours, and that includes setting up a payment processor – something that only a few years ago would be a very complicated process.

What is Worldwide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is a directory of suppliers – from drop shippers to manufacturers to wholesalers, World Wide Brands is the leading directory of products at trade prices on the Internet.

The key advantage of using Worldwide Brands – and the reason they can charge as much as $300 for membership – is that all of the suppliers in their directory are fully certified so there is no risk buying from any of them.  Also, while they list some really big wholesalers and distributors, they also have a huge number of suppliers that will drop ship or supply in 'light bulk' – that means suppliers with very low minimum orders.

Do They Work Together?

Sort of – you can download an export file form Worldwide Brands and upload it to your Shopify store, which will list your chosen products from Worldwide Brands on your Shopify site, but that's about as integrated as it gets, unfortunately. There are Shopify apps that work well with drop shipping marketplaces like Ali Express (e.g. Oberlo), but sadly there is not yet one for Worldwide Brands.