How to Host a Domain or Website on your Own?


It isn’t too difficult to host a domain on your own if you have the skills and technical knowledge. If you’re a developer or a blogger or feeling a little adventurous, hosting your own domain on the internet is not too difficult. These steps will help you to host a domain on your own.

  1. First register a domain name – Registering a domain name is the first thing you must do. With many domain registration websites available today, .com is the not the only option anymore.
  2. Code your website – Customizing a few templates via WordPress is always beneficial if you have less time. But if you have the time, then starting from scratch using PHP, which is a better way to host.
  3. Find your IP address – IP address is essential to host a domain or website online. So, find the right one.
  4. Connect your IP address to the domain on your computer – Static IP address is known to identify the computer and IP address within the network. Let your router know the IP address, so, it is accessible by other users on the internet.
  5. Check your ISP bandwidth – Your ISP bandwidth must have decent speed upload and download else your website or domain will be of waste.
  6. Your computer needs to be secured – Make sure your computer is secured from various online virus and other threats. Keep your machine updated.

The best way to buy website domain is through your country’s main domain seller.