Reasons Why Web Developers Avoid Tables In Their Layouts

Have a minute to browse the net and delve into the source code of a couple of your favorite websites – do you notice that table-based designs are generally the most popular? As a web programmer, take into consideration the layouts that you’ve worked with previously and those that you’re now in the process of communicating – are they table-based, also? Maybe it’s time to take a break from these tables, and here are 6 reasons why they should be avoided at all costs:

Better rankings
By using another sort of layout (like CSS), you’re really creating a better code to content ratio. In addition to this, the content could be more easily organized, ensuring that it stays towards the top of the page. Your search engine optimization staff will love you for making the change.

Access developers using another sort of layout will discover that their websites have the ability to degrade gracefully. This means that it can be seen in a number of browsers, platforms, and devices (such as a wise telephone) without experiencing difficulties.If you want to  Create a Smartphone application (which is also known as “スマホアプリ ” in the Japanese language) checkout online websites.



Saves bandwidth
As other kinds of layouts are much less bulky than table-based ones, you’ll see an immediate difference in your bandwidth savings when you’ve got high levels of traffic. This could also help to save you some money on web hosting.

Visual Impact
Another benefit of using CSS layouts over table-based ones is that all of your pages can share one stylesheet. Not only does this ensure consistency throughout the site, it really creates less work for the web developers.

Faster loading
Loading an HTML file for a CSS-based design, as an instance, is much simpler than trying to load an HTML file for a table-based one. This means that CSS designs have a smaller file size and, since they’re cached, they’ll have the ability to be loaded even quicker.

Easier redesign
One thing that web developers are constantly asked about is whether changes to their code (and the layout can be made). By avoiding table-based designs, you’ll have the ability to make certain that changes can be made easily, by simply adjusting the stylesheet.