Should You Buy From Ali Express or Worldwide Brands?

Ali Express is a popular source of suppliers and products, but is Worldwide Brands better – and is it really worth the membership fee of $249?

With Ali Express you can choose between millions of products – mostly generic but some brands too – and buy them easily at very low prices.  One of the main advantages that Ali Express has over alternatives is that Oberlo (an app for Shopify) allows you to import, mange and even fulfil all the orders on your store almost automatically.

This really does save a lot of time and it’s terribly easy – but the problem is that the products are imported from China so shipping is very slow and there are often problems with customs at the US border.

That’s why directories like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo remain popular – although they are much more manual and offer no scope for the level of automation you can get with Ali Express and Oberlo, they do offer better quality products and much faster shipping.  Both of these things are what you need to get right to build a business that will last a long time, and that’s ultimately what everyone wants.

So buying from Ali Express may be cheaper and easier, but if you are looking for good quality products with fast shipping that will mean a high number of repeat customers returning to your store, then taking the time and effort to get set up with Worldwide Brands may be a good option.  The only remaining problem is the cost – membership to Worldwide Brands costs nearly $300!